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Spain is like an original amusement park, different areas, customs, cultures, art, gastronomy, leisure ... where you can alternate relax or fun, enjoying both sun and beach, as well as the mountains, cities ... In addition, the 4 seasons, each one has its special charm, you just have to discover it ... we help you. Welcome to this beautiful trip that will surely be part of your best memories.

Im am planning my next trip. Where and when should I go?

Choose from the destinations that we offer you or let yourself go, ask and we will surprise you, there are many more places than we indicate that they will be opening in the coming weeks. Just write us with the approximate dates and the people, approximate budget and we will give you the best options.

which places should i pay a visit to?

In each chosen destination we will send you information on the best places to visit, both culture, gastronomy, leisure and fun ... etc.

enjoy, take a walk and talk to the local people.

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Most frequent questions and answers

To reserve you can send the questionnaire that is on the web, write to or to whatsapp +34 619492916 we will send you a bank account number to make the deposit of the signal.

Days before access we contact both to send you to your email and / or WhatsApp that you must have provided us with the access data and the person who will give you the keys you have to notify it a day before and as you approach when you know the arrival time so no one will have to wait.

To leave, notify the person who gave you the keys by phone or WhatsApp, indicating between what hours you can pick up the keys and return the deposit, the apt. It must be collected and correct, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE TIME IS CORRECT, if you have to wait you could invoice the time it takes.

In case of any doubt and incidence, contact the person who gave the keys, is responsible for clarifying any questions with the accommodation.